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Create your own potm contest! 

First of all THANK YOU to everyone that submitted their ideas! We loved reading all of them! That being said we received way more submissions than anticipated so it took us a little longer to get though all of them. We did receive a lot of submissions of pizzas we have already had in the past which were ineligible. We also had lots of submissions similar to others. We went by ingredients when 2 or more of the same idea was submitted. We cannot wait to make these Pizzas below and share them with everyone. Which ones are you excited to try?

Our Winners!

1. Mexi Fries Pizza- Sean Davies

2. Buffalo Mac and Cheese Pizza- Cole Tourland

3. Steak and Blue Cheese Pizza- Mike Kwiek

4. Loaded Baked Potato Pizza- Natalie Sansone

5. Butter Chicken Poutine Pizza- Roselle Sopoco

All winners have been contacted via email for instructions on how to claim your prizes!